The grass is always greener (when it's fake)

Works on the apartment have started to slow down. I'd like to blame the return of work, but the fact that I have a couch to sit on and watch my stories is probably equally to blame (finally finished Mad Men though, so some boxes are being ticked).

When I moved in I dumped all of my plants rather unceremoniously out on the larger of my two balconies, and it looked a mess. Some of the plants started to suffer burns from the couple of hours of direct sunlight they were now getting each day. The balconies were not pleasant places to be as the steel floors always felt dirty and a little bit unstable. I had to sort it out.

I had considered getting some fake grass for the balcony in my previous (rental) apartment, but it had always seemed very expensive in Bunnings, particularly for the tiled stuff. Now I was working with a different layout: two narrow but long balconies. I found a bunch of eBay sellers who would sell rolls of the stuff for a much better price. Rolls were either one or two metres wide. My balconies were about 900mm wide, so the one metre wide roll would cut down perfectly. Combined, the balconies were about 10.3 metres in length. I decided to go for a 10 metre roll and use some of the off to fill the gap (or just cover it with plants).

I chose the less "butcher shop window" looking of the two options. This type, described as "natural coloured" is made up of three colours of plastic rather than the super cheap stuff which only has one colour. It's a much better look, though still a little far from "natural" to really convince anyone (mostly because I would never have grass that looked that freshly mown).

Close-up of the grass

Laying the roll wasn't too hard, just slightly awkward as the roll didn't fit within the width of the balcony. I rolled it into position and then trimmed the excess with a stanley knife from the matting side. Trying to cut from the grass side was much harder as the knife just slid across the plastic grass knots.

The roll of grass before laying it on the balcony

As it turns out, the roll was a bit longer than 10 metres so I didn't need to use any offcuts to fill any gaps. It just worked a treat.

Fake grass on the balcony with plants

The grass is a big improvement over the steel. I don't need to wear shoes when watering the plants and the texture is quite nice. While I'm working at my desk or on the couch I can always see the green out of the corner of my eye. It's a nice addition to the place, and I wonder how much nicer it would look when not up against the weird orange floating floor in my apartment. Yes, about that...