Adorable doors

You know when they show old people in movies and they can only remember one thing about their youth and they sit in their wheelchair staring out the window repeating a reference which is understood only by people now deceased? Yes? Imagine now, if you will, that I'm in that chair, hair powdered white while softly repeating, "cornice cement, then sand, cornice cement, then sand..."

I am speaking about my doors again, of course. If the idea of more door talk doesn't thrill you, you might want to move on.

I've been removing the door trims on more doors in the apartment, then doing the ol' cement, sand and paint job on them. Some have turned out great, others not so great. It seems to depend on how flush the metal part of the door jam is with the plaster. If there's a bump, or it's on an angle, that's going to show up when I fill the gaps with plaster. I think I'm even getting a little better at the plastering. I've never quite been able to produce a perfectly flat smooth result, but with the low-sheen paint the inconsistencies just don't bother me.

Bedroom door with painted white trim

I had already painted the trim on the two doors in my bedroom until I had time/energy to do the full work (above), so they hadn't bothered me too much. One morning I was in bed and I looked at the door and it just had to go. Out came the hammer, the sandpaper, the sanding attachment for the drill, the paint and I finished up two doors over two days. I also took this opportunity to redo parts of the first door I worked on.

Finishing up the last coat on the bedroom door job

That's five doors down now, just two, maybe three to go (the laundry door is still a puzzle without a solution). It's still my favourite change to the apartment.

I also have a mix of chrome door handles throughout the apartment that make screeching, clunking and thumping sounds that would be more at home in a dungeon. I decided to replace them with simpler black handles, even though there's the usual 200% price increase on black coloured hardware. I bought one from Style Finish Design to see how it would look. It was quite the challenge to fit correctly to my thin doors. Firstly, the handle spindle (the square metal rod that goes through the door and turns when you turn the handle) was way too long. I had to cut it in half, and then screws were too long. They chose to describe the screws as "snap off screws", meaning you snap it to the length you want but I found that was a little optimistic. The hacksaw sorted that out. It turned out quite spiffy though.

Lounge room door with new black door handle

I'd like to say that this door is finished, but it probably never will be. It's my rosebud, or more appropriately my hunt for the Zodiac killer if I was Jake Gyllenhaal's character I guess.